Psymonetta Isnoful (psymonetta) wrote in emcioran,
Psymonetta Isnoful


Vasile was always bombastic in his expression of love for Cioran. He had a passion, I never quite understood. To me, such raucous enthusiasm seemed contrary to the spirit of my beloved Emil.

Sitting the the same French Institute in Bucuresti, that delivered Cioran to Paris, I could imagine him observing the same absurd choreography of Italianate brutalism, Dacian barbarianism, and French protectionism that defines the Romanian people. And, I love him with all the passion that a disenfranchised, American, post-modern foundling can muster. Vasile loves him like only ones crazy younger brother can love. Vlad's love, I do not understand, but I admire; perhaps, because we are alike or dual in nature.

I have created this community, not to fill a void, but to empty it.
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