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lydia lunch

hi everyone.

i was just curious as to what the avid cioran reader thinks of someone like the ex-nowaver, performance/spoken word artist, lydia lunch, making no secret about cioran's influence on her writing, specifically on her album 'matrikamantra.' (and also naming a spoken word piece of hers 'a short history of decay pts 1&2' as a direct tribute.)

personally, i came upon cioran because of her enthusiasm.
i've only read 'on the heights of despair' & 'the trouble with being born' (both i adore), as well as 'the temptations of emil cioran' (kluback/finkenthal) and i think lydia, even before she knew about cioran, has been treading on similar territory that the latter has astonishing mastery over, & seems to share common nihilistic attitudes with him as well.

any other 'fans' by chance? i'd love to hear any of your thoughts.

also, here's a cioran userpic:

anyway, my name's charles, hailing from the toronto suburbs, and i'm thrilled to see this community.
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