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Biography? Bibliography?

Has anyone seen any comprehensive lists of all the Cioran material in English? Are their translations of his books that are out of print? The New Gods, for example? I am trying to collect every one of his books in English and I am wondering if anyone else in the community has already attempted this.

I'm also wondering if anyone has read any material describing Cioran's involvement in Romania's Iron Guard movement. Evidently he did a lot of writing for this group, and was a "representative" of their movement in Paris. When did Cioran break with this movement? Does anyone know? Has he written about it in a book I just haven't come across yet?

There is actually more material in Romanian on Cioran and the Iron Guard, including a picture of him in uniform with Codreanu here - but this looks like a current Iron Guard page of some kind and I doubt that it will offer much.
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